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global travel and chaos -- in chaos tonight. smoke and ash from an icelandic volcano. another 20,000 flights were canceled across the continent today. there is new hope to base of air travel may resume as early as tomorrow. all european flights were canceled. this left some passengers desperate to get home. >> i had an overnight case. this is certainly not enough medication to keep me going. >> the aviation industry and sustain the losses.
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there was pressure for air travel to brazil alone. the association for airlines and airport question to the restrictions, saying that volcanoes are nothing new. irruptions and other parts of the world and do not appear to require the kind of restrictions that are presently in europe. >> today is the worst situations so far. >> without passengers in or through the volcanic ash. on monday, the european transportation ministers will convene a video conference. they will determine where, when, and if there will be possible for a new flying. stranded in washington, an 84- year-old has looked for time to celebrate his 85th birthday with his wife. but this was going to be our big celebration.
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>> the european union is says that trafficking returned to normal levels. there is confirmed notice that the ash cloud is subsiding. a 90-year-old has announced he is retiring this summer. the federal appeals court judge and others as well as the solicitor general are involved. i sat down with our congressional reported to talk about this, and we talked about a new tea party poll from politico. thank you for joining us denied. bill clinton said this week yes not seen as much anger, 15 years ago. he does not think people should be muzzled, but he does think that the tea party people need
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to watch what they say. let's listen to the president. >> we do not want to lose focus. >> just playing politics here? how will this be received? >> i think the tea party folks think that their anger is justified. they are just trying to get it back in the right direction. they also think that someone like bill clinton is trying to use politics, to turn off the key independent voters and to marginalize them. they just want to fix the country. >> people assisting it with the tea party last week, your poll shows that the tea party members overwhelmingly voted against barack obama in 2008, and three at four said they are scared about the direction of the country. any surprises there necessarily? >> yes, there is a tendency to
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think of the tea party as a sort of a monolithic of republicans who have felt marginalized, and, in fact, our data shows that they have a history, that they backed john mccain in 2008 by and large, but they did not like obama to begin with. they are genuinely and sincerely concerned about the future of the country and angry about what is happening. >> president obama a meeting with senate leaders this week to talk about nominating another supreme court justice to report it -- replaced john paul stevens. the same names keep coming up again. whoever is, do you think that republicans will put up more of a fight than they did with sonia sotomayor? >> i think that republicans are far less focused on beating people but on driving up their negatives so they become less popular.
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they want to slow up the process and slow it down. at the same time, they are not eager to filibuster the nomination. they are hoping that obama will nominate someone that they can put up a fight for. >> we will be watching. i know you will be watching. thank you so much. bitburg and for fresh insight on what tea party activists think, check out the results on -- and for fresh insight on what tea party activists think, check out the results. leaders say they are willing to accept new laws it means getting a vote in the house. last week, a vote was stalled. even with the president's signature, the bill expects to go to the supreme court, where it will face its biggest challenge. also on capitol hill, banks will soon have to pay new roles --
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played by new ru -- play by new rules. it is aimed at changing some of the things that led to the financial meltdown. >> able to take a wild risks to pump up their bonuses and leave you footing the bill when things go south, that is one option. i do not think it is the right one. >> i think republicans do want this to come to fruition. we know that there are regulatory rules that are in place. >> democrats say the legislation will rein in wall street abuses. on wednesday, the department of the treasury will unveil a design for a new bill. the u.s. government redesigned currency is to avoid counterfeiters and to protect the public. and sarah palin is expected to be in court this week.
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she and her husband are scheduled to testify in the trial of the university of tennessee student who was accused of giving her private email account during the presidential race. and this week marks 15 years since the oklahoma city bombing. in 1995, timothy mcveigh and blew up a homemade bomb at the federal building. 160 people were killed. after the bombing, anti- terrorist legislation to increase security protocols and federal buildings. the homeland security secretary is scheduled to give an address tomorrow. space shuttle discovery is scheduled to come back to earth tomorrow. the astronauts had been on a two week mission. they delivered a module to the station and participated in three space walks while there. discovery will make its final flight it said.
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and drivers frustrated with congestion on interstate 66 are being encouraged to go figure out a solution. transportation leaders are holding a town hall meeting to discuss a short and long-term solutions. the meeting was canceled in february because of the snow. the meeting will be held at the fairfax county government center. coming up, in need of some new appliance is? we will tell you how to get a big rebates and help the environment when you buy this week. and they cannot help knowing how to write in cursive, but what is to blame for it being cursed? i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center korea we have a fraudster advisory in effect for parts of the viewing area. advisory in effect for parts of the viewing area.
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thank you, saltwater spray-tunnel and shaker machine. thank you to all the 5,000 tests that helped make
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here is a look ahead at some of the events coming up this weekend. maryland has more than $5 million to give out as part of a rebate program. the money is part of a federal program. starting wednesday for earth day, people who buy energy- efficient appliances are all eligible for the rebate. for more information on the appliance rebate program, go to our website,, a keyword "rebate." and crowds were out on the mall.
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the earth day rally will be on the mall. and runners hit the starting line next week for the boston marathon. local zero runners will be among those, including one man looking to go the distance. he suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke that cause permanent nerve damage to the right side of his body as a trial. -- that caused permanent nerve damage. that was to be right side of his body as a child. and the capitals continued this week against montreal in the first round of the playoffs korea right now, the series is tied at 1-1 -- round of the playoffs. right now, the series is tied at 1-1. the nationals are home. the dodgers are in town friday through sunday. and it is not football season
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yet, but redskins fans are getting ready. the redskins have the fourth overall draft pick, and you route -- whoever the head coach picks, it will be the fans first opportunity to welcome the new players to washington -- the fans' first opportunity. and coming next on "washington weekly," two frostburg university basketball players are shot. and the temperatures are falling. ho now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, internet and phone -- guaranteed for two years! it's an amazing offer that could save you hundreds of dollars. call now to lock in this guaranteed low price for two years. with 100% true fiber optics to your home, fios delivers the future and gives you more of what cable doesn't.
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taking a look at tonight's top stories, a student is accused of shooting two other students. a player from waldorf was killed. the other, from southeast d.c., was wounded. tyrone hall has been charged with the shootings. the two are part of a group that confronted hall allegations that he had accosted a woman at a party. police are continuing to investigate the murder of a principal who was found shot to death on thursday night, brian bettts. -- betts. teachers and students have had their schedules assessment exams pushed back two weeks so that they can go through a grieving
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process. major airlines have set up test flights today. they found no damage from the volcanic ash, but it grounded millions of passengers. the volcano continues to erupt. it may not be safe to travel. we have clear skies here, but it is cooler. >> some of the school is there we have seen in probably three weeks, the big chill is on the way for the overnight hours. just about one half hour ago, not much wind, but now, it is beginning to pick up, and that is what we do not have the frost advisory for the district and some other points. take a look at what is going on in terms of our weatherbug network. 47 degrees in alexandria after a high of 57. it feels like 46. howard university with 47 after a high of 54 degrees. the airport today made it up to 59 degrees.
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yesterday, we had temperatures of 69. the day before that, on friday, 85 degrees, so we have had above-average temperatures for a stretch of last week, and now, it is cooling down. 49 in raleigh. our skies are mostly clear right now. the national weather service has issued a frost advisory for fairfax and loudoun county, prince william, a staffer, spotsylvania. out in the west, the shenandoah valley, there is a freeze warning -- prince william, staffords, spotsylvania -- stafford. definitely some good news. clear skies for tonight means lots of sunshine for tomorrow morning. we will see this area of high pressure move a little bit further. a change of wind direction. that will allow our temperatures to warm up. it looks like that will not happen until wednesday. a few clouds outside, mainly to
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the north of d.c. mainly otherwise, clear. although average temperatures and windy, as it was today. the winds around 25 to 25 m.p.h.. tonight, temperatures in the 30's. a nice warm-up throughout the morning hours tomorrow, by the 50's -- in the 50's's by the afternoon. -- in the 50's's by the afternoon. here is the extended outlook -- in the 50's. throw in a chance of an isolated shower, about a 20% chance on wednesday. our best chance of rain is late friday. maybe even some thunderstorms. >> all right, well, after last week, i guess we can handle it. thanks, steve. >> we can handle it. coming up,
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you remember this, learning how to write in cursive as part of a step in education for children. greta kreuz shows us what has happened to the age old art of cursive writing. >> , making sure we are forming our letters correctly? -- are we making sure? by the time we come to the fourth grade, we are writing in
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cursive writing all of the time. >> script. >> how many of you like to read cursive? raise your hands? all of you -- to write in cursive? >> you can get your work much faster because you do not have to pick up your pen. >> but technology has erased its popularity. by high school, many are back to printing. >> they stopped teaching everyone, and i got used to doing print and never got the hang of using it. >> what happens? a simpler style and used by arlington and other school districts, says teachers do not learn how to teach penmanship anymore, so they do not know how to do it, and students forget. it is argued that it is faster and conveys maturity.
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she says to mind those p's and q's. the college board tells me that they have cursive students that sort slightly higher. coming up next, how you can of a piece of memorabilia. plus, steve rudin has the final ch
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the ferrari california replica used in the movie is up for grabs. in the movie, dick armey and tragic end. you remember this, through the glass window and into the woods. on the 100 of the ferraris were made, and they used a replica. it will be auctioned off, and it is expected to go between $45,000.60 $5,000. i would have expected it to go for more than that -- though between $45,000 and $65,000. fairfax county, loudoun county, you may have to scrape a a little bit of frost off of your windshield. we will make it -- scrape of
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a little bit of frost off. we will make it -- scrape of a little bit of frost off.
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